Mehak Bansal-Empowering all age groups with a sound mental and physical health consultation


Mehak Bansal-Empowering all age groups with a sound mental and physical health consultation




Ms. Mehak Bansal is the name of a helping hand to every individual to keep their guide in need despite age or gender. She is a certified nutritionist and a consultant. Her priorities are towards mental and physical health as she believes a person should be fit once sound with both sections.





People ignore nutritional health and the therapist’s health on demand can lead to alarming situations in the future. Mahak Bansal is always ready to help these people get a healthy life with the right medium of consultation.





The factor can be internal or external but needs to get detected and cured with patience and that is one of the quality traits of Ms.Mehak Bansal.

The common age-related issues can embrace :

● Kids of small age face diversified health issues due to less immunity and anxiety to go to school and other areas of personal aura. Even mothers also don’t know about the correct meal to be given to their kids in most cases. Here Mehak Bansal is helping to understand where your child is lacking behind and how to make him/her healthy.



● Teenage or adolescence is the time for puberty changes. Hence, related issues cover the hormonal changes that they feel but hesitate to share with family or friends and get irritated by responses. Teenagers do not understand the root cause and absolute counseling is the cure for the long run of the child’s growth.



Mehak Bansal plays a vital role as a consultant who is being making the child realize the physical issue calmly with reason.

● Marriage-related problems can create a fuss in a successful relationship in couples when to get married like while an individual is financially independent, etc. Even newly married women who are not able to adjust to the new environment face lots of health issues with their minds too. Mehak Bansal is counseling them on the correct solution to cope with the environment to maintain good health.




● Pregnancy or Post pregnancy challenges can be a major issue for any pregnant woman as the right environment is required to get the baby in the womb of the mother to get strong mentally and physically. In that case, correct nutrition needs to be followed to let the child receive all the required nutrients for overall growth. Mahak Bansal again supports you with her experienced supervision of diets and mental consultation.

● Mid-life crises at the age of 30s and 40s can also have stamina and fitness issues with appearance but Mehak basal says, “Age is just a number.” and here mental depression or unhealthy eating habits get on the right track via Mehak Bansal as she is being worked for people in such cases with her expertise.




● Old-age people can also be in the area of Mehak Bansal’s help to make them aware of active life habits to stay healthy and become the support of the new generation through their experiences.


She is a multitalented personality who aims on making a positive change in people who come across her.

contact details – 9659212800

Facebook / insta – “MYMINDBYMEHAK”




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