Shannon Nogueira : Globally recognised young educator from India


Shannon Nogueira : Globally recognised young educator from India





In what can be termed as a prodigious achievement in a short period of time, Indian Educator and Entrepreneur Mr. Shannon Nogueira, has shot to fame after receiving global recognition from media outlets across India and the globe. Currently teaching at the prestigious Don Bosco International School in Mumbai, Shannon also successfully runs an online education portal called ‘Skill Wizards’ where his team under his leadership train students at various skills. The Skill Wizards Academy initially known as Shannon’s Academy has catered virtually to students across 20+ countries. Skills like art, music, dance, drama, foreign languages and many more are taught at the academy.





Shannon is a journalist turned educator who has graduated from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education. He is also a creative writing Graduate of the Harper Collins Institute,UK. Apart from the work that he does, he is constantly upgrading his knowledge. He is currently pursuing an MBA from NMIMS College.






Earlier this year, Shannon was nominated for the Cambridge ‘Most Dedicated Teacher Award’ for the 2nd year in a row where he represented India at a Global platform. And to think about it, he has only been teaching for 3 years. In July of 2021, he was given the title of ‘Asia’s Best Educator’ by Asian Business Times. These are only a few of his accolades.

Recently, Mr. Nogueira was also given the title of ‘India’s Most Influential Educator’ where he was chosen from a group of over thousand participants.

All in all, every achievement has led to greater glory and the journey to fame continues. Shannon awaits the completion of a few more milestones that he has set for himself and the team



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