Runi Moto Private Limited continues to amaze people with the most innovative vehicles!


Runi Moto Private Limited continues to amaze people with the most innovative vehicles!





With all the buzz about the coolest electrical vehicles out there, we are being introduced to an altogether different and newer version of vehicles now and then. The development in this case never fails to amaze us. We have got the best of innovation and technology in recent years. The most powerful vehicles with brilliant capacities and speculations, these vehicles are making life much easier than ever.






One of the most excellent manufacturers of electrical vehicles, Runi Moto Private Limited was started back in 2016. It specializes in manufacturing the best two-wheelers and four-wheeler vehicles. Anita Yadav and Vijay Barhate are the directors of the company. Runi Moto Private Limited is the registered manufacturer of 3 scooter models, a loader model, a bike model, an auto rickshaw model, and a loaded rickshaw model as of now. The company plans to manufacture 4 wheelers soon.






Runi Moto Private Limited is better known for its excellent electronic scooter model which charges in only 30 minutes and has the capacity of covering up to 140 kilometers every time you charge the vehicle. All of the models of electric bikes and scooters manufactured by the company provide an average of 100 kilometers per change capacity. The products stand quite compatible and cost-effective which makes them distinguished from other vehicles in the market. The company also provides a warranty of 5 years for the battery and insurance is also provided.






Ms. Anita Yadav, the director of the company, is a very professional and skilled person specializing in Marketing. She completed her BCom and her education focusing on software engineering. Ms. Anita has a good hold in marketing and can work better in every aspect. Marketing is something that excites her and something she loves to do, being very skilled in that aspect. Previously she worked for FMCG and cosmetic products.

The co-founder of the company, Mr. Vijay Barhate laid the foundation of Runi Moto Private Limited back in 2016, along with Ms. Anita Yadav. Before entering into this business, he was working in sports management including working for IPL and BCCI to manage the marketing and operation area. Runi Moto Private Limited was the dream project for Mr. Vijay Barhate and Ms. Anita Yadav which seems like a huge success now.

The company has 6 sub-dealerships at the moment. With all the brilliant use of technology, the company brings a ray of light to the effectiveness of innovation and technological advances. The products from the company are loved by many people and the reviews for the same are quite awesome. All the other offers and guidance you get with the company make the deal even better. It is quite hard to find such deals in the competitive market while Runi Moto Private Limited is already bringing the best for all.




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