The Chakravarti Thetare Group (TCTG), Mumbai


The Indian movie industry, commonly known as Bollywood, has always been a dream destination for aspiring actors and filmmakers. However, it is also known for being highly competitive and challenging for newcomers. A significant challenge for newcomers is the fierce competition in the industry. Bollywood has always been highly competitive, with numerous talented individuals trying for the same roles. The industry is constantly evolving, and newcomers need to be updated with the latest trends and
techniques to stay relevant.

Unlike what most people think, acting is a skill and it can be learned. One of the most critical aspects to enter into this industry is to hone one’s skills and talent continually. It is essential to keep learning, growing, and improving one’s craft, because no matter how talented you are, without proper training and guidance, you are like a river running wildly. Acting is an art that requires talent, dedication, and hard work to master.

Unfortunately, many newcomers to Bollywood are being misguided and exploited by unscrupulous acting classes in Mumbai. These are run by people with little or no industry experience, who are more interested in making money than in imparting quality education. They lure unsuspecting newcomers with promises of instant success and fame and charge exorbitant fees for their courses.
Therefore, it is very crucial that actors look for the right mentor. Learning from the right mentor who can guide you in every way possible and being a part of the right group can make a huge positive difference in one’s acting journey.

The Chakravarti Theatre Group (TCTG) Founded by Mr. Shubham Chakravarti trains and guides actors to overcome these obstacles. It offers a comprehensive training program that covers various aspects of acting, such as voice modulation, body language, script analysis, improvisation, and character building. They also provide practical training through workshops, rehearsals, and performances, which help students gain hands-on experience and build their confidence. The training here caters to the needs of students with different levels of experience and interests. The practical training programs provide the students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the industry.

With this Group, you get the opportunity to get well acquainted with theatre and plays. In today’s times, theatre experience is invaluable for any actor. One of the primary benefits of theatre for actors in Mumbai is the opportunity to gain practical experience and exposure. Theatre production provides actors with the chance to perform in front of live audiences, honing their stage presence, voice modulation, and body language. This experience is invaluable for actors, as it allows them to develop their skills in a live performance setting, where they can learn from their mistakes and receive feedback from audiences and fellow actors.

This Group stages shows every month in Mumbai and in other parts of India, like Delhi, Lucknow, Odisha, Pune, etc. Mr. Shubham makes sure that even new students get the chance to perform and be on stage and henceforth, increase their self-confidence, which is like the first step in any actor’s journey.

This group not only provides theatre exposure but also conducts camera acting workshops to provide actors with practical experience in front of the camera. Through exercises and simulations, actors are taught how to adapt their performance to the camera and work on their on-screen presence. Their Camera acting workshop helps actors prepare for auditions by giving them experience with the audition process and feedback on their performance. This preparation helps actors to feel more confident and prepared when they go in for auditions.

Mr. Shubham Chakravarti has been in this industry for more than a decade. He has a theatre experience of over 17 Years and he has worked in several Shortfilms and films. He specialises in giving an all-round training and grooming to his students. He teaches using a very customised approach for each student, because he believes every actor is unique and different. Mr Shubham works on every students’ diction and dialogue delivery with a very detailed and patient approach. He regularly gives out tasks to each student and makes them aware of their shortcomings through feedback mechanism, which is very helpful for any actor in the long run. He works on body language, speech, characterisation, voice modulation, camera techniques and other techniques which act as an effective tool in the development of an actor. He believes that being an actor is more than just acting but it is being a better individual in terms of one’s personality, one’s observation and one’s awareness. Through a mixed approach combining both Theatre and Camera Acting, Mr. Shubham aims to bring about an all-round development in the students.

Mr Shubham started this Group (TCTG) 8 Years back in the year 2015.His primary motive for starting this group was to provide the necessary guidance and training to actors and to prevent them from being misled. He wanted to help aspiring actors to become better in their craft and to create a medium for them to learn without burning a hole in their pocket. He conducts stage performances every month so that the new students get some exposure and, gain some confidence. It also helps actors to develop a unique and versatile acting style.

The Group is located in Andheri West in Mumbai. This Group has trained several actors who are today doing great work in the Industry. They provide practical experience, feedback and critique, exposure to different styles, industry connections, preparation for auditions, and skill development. New Actors must be prepared to work hard and learn the skill and not be misled. With comprehensive training, practical experience, and career guidance, this Group provides aspiring actors with the tools they need to succeed in this Industry where there is cut throat competition. It is really Important for new actors to learn under a good mentor because “a mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained,”


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