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Political Training is the latest Political trend in the country and here is how they are benefiting the citizens

Political Training is the latest Political trend in the country and here is how they are benefiting the citizens
We all know the dynamics of Politics have changed so much so that they have been functioning like corporate these days with IT teams, to latest technologies to training their Leaders & karyakartas.





“It’s hard to think that you are a political consultant, not many people are going to get a crack at a thing like this .” spoken words by James Carvele that reveals the truth of the severe need for political consulting for efficient future leaders in society.
Political Consulting has become a fad in India, unfortunately, people who have no experience in managing even a single campaign are calling themselves political consultants. Only a few companies stand the litmus paper test and are been able to deliver more than what they commit to their clients.






But just consulting is not enough. No matter how advanced your war rooms are, you need a human to operate them with expertized strategies. Are politicians these days paying attention to getting themselves trained as per the rising demand for action? Here comes the vast scope to focus on Political Consulting & training.
iPolitycal Consulting is a new-age Political Consulting startup that is not an Election Management agency but an end-to-end Political Consulting Firm. The firm employees are experts from political and different public administration backgrounds to help their clients get maximum success.
Working with multiple politicians in various capacities, the team realized that a lot of political representatives want to do genuine work for their people but either lack proper guidance or lack essential skills.





This made him think if these skills & guidance can be provided to these politicians through various experts it can create a huge impact as directly or indirectly our political representatives impact our lives.
This is when a team of experts came together and started this venture which does not just focus on making candidates win elections but also guides them on how to do impactful work even after winning the elections.






After many years of working with different agencies and identifying the gaps in the current Political consulting scene, the team firmly believes that most politicians if consulted well can do wonders for their constituency. Currently, the focus is on just making the client win not on how should the citizens benefit once the client wins.
“After winning the actual job starts. With proper training & consulting our representatives’ time and efforts can be properly utilized for public service. That’s what we specialize in – Pre & Post-election consulting.” – says Mohammad Raza Mulla, the Founder, and CEO of political consulting.
Raza has corporate training background and has been active in Politics since his college days hence the mixture helps him design corporate-level entertaining yet informative political training sessions that are loved by their clients.





Apart from training in consulting the organization develops various political apps to help ease its operations. They also provide all kinds of IT support to Political parties and Individual politicians. Currently, the team is working with different clients in Maharastra, Gujarat & Karnataka for the upcoming elections there.
iPolitycal Consulting has helped many individual clients in mapping their political careers and helped them acquire skills like Public speaking, leadership, etc. Their future goal is to create maximum impact through political training and consulting so that their political clients can benefit the citizen of this country.
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