As a child, were you certain that when you grow, you will become an Entrepreneur? If yes, then what was the reason?


As a child, were you certain that when you grow, you will become an Entrepreneur? If yes, then what was the reason?





Though business runs through my family, I wanted to become a fashion designer or a journalist. But fate landed me in studying Sociology and professional graphics designing which lead me to jobs in many news organizations and I had risen up becoming the HOD of graphics team of a famous news organization. But the dream of owning an organization never left me.

When did you actually think of pursuing your career as an Entrepreneur?





As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, my little daughter Kiara’s need pushed me to find chemical free skin care products with no success. So I dedicated myself to do creative justice to her beautiful baby skin and came up with homemade all organic chemical free creams. Eventually I thought, why not to help others with the same products in affordable price. That’s when Bodhita Essentials was born as my second baby in 2016.

Guide us about your journey after you became an entrepreneur.

Pursuing dream is never an easy journey. From gathering organic raw materials from around the world, handcrafting them into a more sophisticated products, market them with luscious packaging sounds easy but it gives me many sleepless nights. Despite the odds, Bodhita Essentials now grew upto it’s adolescence.





One thing I understood in my journey is People are more important than numbers. My husband who stood like a rock behind me and many people who supported me in their best capacity are the real assets I earned.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your life and how did you overcome it?

Entrepreneurs across the world faces many challenges and we are not different either. BE faces the same problems namely investment and bureaucracy. We are still fighting to get through the hurdles and all good people are welcome to join our journey in any way possible.

Tell us about your business.

Skin care industry has evolved very a lot where we have come to our basics from chemical filled products. And India with a 5000yrs old tradition has everything human needs. Keeping Ayurveda as our basics we made BE, maintaining all the values. , I’m satisfied that through BE (which is Asia’s first commercialized product) we made toxin-free, sustainable, and handmade skincare products. BE is keen to showcase the five-thousand-year-old Indian legacy of Ayurveda through herbal cosmetics to the world and help them treat all types of skin problems. And with my experience, I’d always say, ‘SWITCH TO VEGAN SKINCARE FOR A BETTER FUTURE’.

Today we are on various online sustainable platforms, soon coming on big platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. We recently made launched in Ladakh’s biggest mart which is Dragon Super Mart. Our CRO ( Chief Retail Officer) Ms. Stanzin Lhazais who herself is from Ladakh made this possible. We are looking into more offline shelving soon. Also thankful to our CMO ( Chief Marketing Officer) Mrs. Shaloo Sharma for her assistance.

Tell us about the benefits of your services/products.

Our Company focuses on quality and care. As human beings we should care for our health and our skin is no different. We use highest quality raw material in their natural form and it is this uniqueness that sets us apart from the rest. No false promises to make you look fairer; only an effort to preserve natural form of our skin by treating the damaging effects of pollution and age.

 How can people connect with your business?

We delightfully connect with everyone on call: 9804732909. On WhatsApp: 9804732909. Write us at / our website:

 Please give us one message that you’d like to give to everyone.

Success is a bi-product. We all are winners in our own respective ways. Persistence, Patience, Hard work & Determination is all one need to reach its destination!










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